15th International Stuttering Awareness Day(22nd October)

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    22 October, 2013

    by Siddharth Durgapal

    15th International Stuttering Awareness Day(22nd October)
    Started in 1998, all over world it’s Get Together Day.
    This is an annual meet of our Society;
    Where people join in and throw off their anxiety.
    People gather to discover more about others;
    Some students, some are employed and father or mother.
    Some of them are good leaders, some are good disciple;
    All have guts to take head on bigmouthed people.
    Here the senior members share their experiences and life;
    This boosts the confidence, motivate others and make them wise.
    They say,”It’s no big deal, nothing to be bothered about, nobody cares”;
    Even you can become a leader like us anywhere.
    Speech is just a voice and way how to chat somewhat;
    If you slipped while walking……. SO WHAT!!
    Therapy at ADLAKHAS has been running since 1986,they are not newly;
    Changed so many lives, since then their profession has crossed silver jubilee.
    Everyone has come up with flying colors and the easy way-out;
    To make their Parents, Teachers and Speech Therapist proud.
    Thanks to Sajiv Sir and Seema Ma’am for organizing such an event;
    It really is stress buster and gives us much confidence.
    You are an inspiration,a motivation and a booster dose for us;
    You are pure silver and gold which people can trust.
    I have learnt that practice makes man or woman perfect;
    There is no shortcut to success.
    It’s a festive season and near the end of another eventful year;
    Wish you all Happy Diwali,Christmas and Prosperous New Year.