To Choose a Right Therapist

  • Dhritiman
    22 October, 2013

    by Dhritiman Das

    My name is Dhritiman Das. I started my therapy at Adlakha Speech Therapy last year in the 3rd week of May. For me, the turning point in therapy, would be understanding the psyche of stutterers and non-stutterers. This helped me to fully ignore all kinds of remarks made about my speech and accept myself without worrying too much about the consequences of stammering in front of people. This gave me a massive psychological relief.
    Good traits of a speech therapist are that he/she should be patient get feedback from his /her patient on a regular basis, try to understand the psyche and emotional status of the patient and always encourage him/her to improve the speech and monitor his/her progress regularly. The good traits of a patient are that he/she should be patient and should fully co-operate with the doctor. He/She should accept his situation and do his/her best to achieve max. fluency. A good patient should do the exercises regularly and have faith in the doctor, in God and ESP.IN him/herself.

    Thank You Dr.Sajiv & Seema Madam For Helping & Guiding Me.

    Dhritiman Das