Category 3

  • Take care of your ears

    Dec 6

    by DR. A. L. ADLAKHA (E.N.T.Surgeon)

    Isn’t it fun to be able to talk and hear? You can talk to your friends, hear their jokes and laughter. But if you cannot hear and talk, you would miss out on a lot of fun. To preserve these precious gifts of speech and hearing you have to take special care of your ears. Our ear is a delicate organ. A damage or injury to any part of the ear may le

  • Stuttering, a misunderstood habit

    Oct 24

    by Dig Vijoy Sodhi

    Stuttering is a habit. I start off with this short and concise statement to highlight and debunk a popular misconception that stuttering is a disease that cannot be treated. Like any other habit, this too can be overcome. There is an urgent and pressing need to spread awareness about this habit as many stutterers around the world go through life fe

  • Get Rid Of  S…S…Stammering

    Oct 22

    by Seema Adlakha

    Speech is learned behaviour therefore,any such disorder can be cured by Therapy. Therapist first analyses the degree of the problem then Therapy is planned accordingly. The idea behind the Therapy is to give these people the confidence to face Life. Once fluency in speech is attained , it does not necessarily remain permanent. This requires what