Category 4

  • To Choose a Right Therapist

    Oct 22

    by Dhritiman Das

    My name is Dhritiman Das. I started my therapy at Adlakha Speech Therapy last year in the 3rd week of May. For me, the turning point in therapy, would be understanding the psyche of stutterers and non-stutterers. This helped me to fully ignore all kinds of remarks made about my speech and accept myself without worrying too much about the consequenc

  • Get Rid Of  S…S…Stammering

    Oct 22

    by Seema Adlakha

    Speech is learned behaviour therefore,any such disorder can be cured by Therapy. Therapist first analyses the degree of the problem then Therapy is planned accordingly. The idea behind the Therapy is to give these people the confidence to face Life. Once fluency in speech is attained , it does not necessarily remain permanent. This requires what