Communication…Journey from fear to dare

  • Pranit Mahajan Manchester UK
    18 March, 2018

    by Pranit Mahajan, Manchester UK.

    Bell rangs and last lecture of the weekends, heart in me is excited to travel home over this long weekend. But not too long, teacher starts calling numbers for attendance, mine is 33, mind’s speeding between words to reply when 33 is called. Should I say Yes Sir/Present Sir or any other word? Best option pretend as if I am not listening to numbers and request teacher after lecture in person to mark my presence. 33 is called, my benchmate nudges me, I raise hand but mouth is jamed no sound, teacher in his flow marks me absent and continues calling numbers. Why can’t I speak? Why do I stammer? Why me? And similar never ending why’s take over my long weekend.

    Every lecture had this fear in me, can I give my attendance today? And this fear was everywhere when I was required to speak, may it be class reading, presentation or expressing my thoughts to my friend or family. Looking back to my life, I realize most of it was FEAR, fear to speak or communicate! On the contrary, I loved to speak, always wanted to express myself a lot. I did spoke well, but very few instances. Every morning, gave me a hope nothing will block my toungue but as situation arised, my fear always won and put me in depression most of the times.

    In my college days, my most googled term was how to stop stammering. In my different trials against stammering, I also had my tongue operation to release the tie it had as per one of the speech therapist. Infinite ways I tried from surgery to having homeopathic and aueryedic medice. None worked to vanish my fear of communication and inturn my stammering.

    But thing that helped me was I never stopped trying to find ways. The way I am grownup by my parents, have made me an optimistic person. I have seen my father fighting his struggles in life with always having smile on face. And this is how, in one of my google search I landed on But honestly, that did not made me pick a phone and call Dr. Adlakha Sir. In my another youtube search, in one of Zindagi live session I heard Adlakha Sir and also few of his student experiences which completely related to mine. And the ways they learned from Dr Adlakha Sir, made me do that call.

    I am currently in UK, so we had all our sessions online through skype calls. In first session, we analysed how and when exactly it began. I did had shady memories, in beginning of my childhood one of my neighbors
    use to play with me for long time. And he sttutured in his speech. Might be I learnt speaking from him. We analysed my level of stammering and Adlakha Sir came up with the therapy plan.

    Every step in the therapy has tremendously helped me to grow my fluency. You must have noticed now, I am speaking abouy fluency and not stammering. This was the major factor. Sir made me realise that I need to improve my fluency. Stammering is just a habbit of speaking which I unknowingly adapted. To change that habbit I need to train myself with habbit of fluently speaking techniques.

    Important factor which changed my complete mindset was ‘Kya kahenge log, hai sabse bada rog’.
    Sir focused on changing my mindset. He made me realise hiding the stammering is only helping to grow it. Being confident and open about my stammering is first and very impacting step towards fluency.

    This was a journey from fear to dare. I was slowly dropping my fear to communicate and dearing to speak and openly stammer. Yes his techniques to correct stammering during speech are helping hands to pull yourself towards fluency.

    I could say, this therapy is not only improving my fluency but has changed my mind set in life. Now I always dare to do things. In failures, I try not to get hold and stuck in it. One never fails until he is trying. My speech has improved a lot but moreover even stammering doesn’t impact me mentally. I learnt to keep my happiness with me instead of making it dependant on what others think.

    There are no words to thank Adalakha Sir for his help in this. He is truely making difference in many of them like me. I have always experienced his honest efforts and the happiness on his face when he sees improvements in me.

    Life is meant to be happy and make others happy. Adlakha Sir, you are true example of this.

    Thank you very much! This is just a beginning for me and still there’s lot to learn, improve on my speech and in life.