CONFIDENCE gives rise to SUCCESS.My wife Chaitali Ghosh gave birth to a beautiful girl child on 22.8.1989. Both of us were very happy. My daughter ARCHITA was very lively and active. It was at the age of 3 years or so she had a bout of Jaundice and when she was cured from it slowly we observed that she had developed slight stuttering by which she had difficulty in talking especially when she had to talk very fast,in the event of happiness and anxiety.To be honest, in the beginning we did not give a serious thought to this problem and felt that this will go off automatically. When she reached grade 6th/7th she became very conscious and started feeling nervous just before any competitions or simply talking to anyone.She started feeling helpless.Hence, we came to consensus decision that we should consult our family physician who also happens to be our friend and with his advice we approached ADLAKHA SPEECH AND HEARING CLINIC,New Delhi. Only after coming to this clinic we could discover that STUTTERING has no physiological problem but a bad habit of the whole system of speech. This clinic is an unique assembly of treatment and the touch of belonging. This is the place where we felt that how blessed are the people who come in contact with them and regain everything with the tremendous and tireless efforts put in by Dr.Sajiv Adlakha and Seema Adlakha.The patience which is demonstrated by both of them is a rarest commodity in this modern world. As my daughter has regained her self confidence and zeal we are very happy with the recovery/ FLUENCY of our child.
There are no words to express our gratitude towards this Wonderful Speech Clinic.

Father of ARCHITA
Email: archita_ghosh@rediffmail.com