Manoj Pant


Hi, I am Manoj Pant living in South Delhi and presently doing my own business . I had this bad habit of stuttering since my childhood. I did my schooling then graduation hoping, it will be cured as time passed, but because it was a bad habit, not a disease, so it cannot be cured by medicine or by time.
So after graduation. I joined ADLAKHA SPEECH THERAPY CENTRE in Sant Nagar East of Kailash,. My journey towards fluency had begun under the guidance of Dr. Sajiv Adlakha. He changed my entire life. Now I am confident, fluent, a very good orator with a lots of positive attitude. He taught me to face the fear on the face of it, and once you face the fear, it will no longer be there.
After joining, I realized every therapists is different in their approach and method as well. So what made him different.
1.) The concept of group therapy. I think, it is the most powerful tools he has. It enhances your public speaking skills, it make u fearless and confident.
2.) His friendly nature of helping, guiding, motivating, always guides us in right direction.
3.) SWAR SUDHAR SOCIETY & YAHOO GROUP. Where all members help each other in their journey towards fluency.
Thanks a lot Sir for making me such a confident and fluent speaker.

Manoj Pant