Rakshit Mehta


Well, my name is Rakshit Mehta. Am a Chartered Accountant working with a Tata Group company as Asst Vice President in Mumbai. Married for last 10 years and my son is 6 years old. This is 2012 !

Lets go back to 1995 :

A couple of years post Sri Venkateswara College in New Delhi and pursuing CA articleship. Suffering from “speech blocks” since Class VI – low on confidence, even lower in self esteem since that time in 1985. The speech disorder had struck me in Class VI when i failed to say my name in class (i remember it so clearly even today – 2012 !)

I met Adlakha Sir mid 1995 at the Sant Nagar ,East Of Kailash,centre. The rigorous process of change started to take place – very slowly but steadily. I still have the Diary Sir where all exercises are mentioned & the practice ROS figures………..i used to refer to it for many years !!

So friends, speech fluency started improving, confidence started to build. It was all on the direction given by Sir, Group Therapy sessions and relentless hardwork.

I completed my CA in 2000, got a good MNC job. Moved in job role from Delhi to Pune & then Mumbai in 2006. Joined Tata Group in 2008.

Currently, i have to give presentation to Senior Management, talk in discussions, meet lots of new people. Things that i always feared earlier, i do precisely that in my professional life !

I am sure many of you would have gone through similar experience but i wanted to say it to reiterate to people who are new in the Clinic and people who are not so new, that – Yes, it is possible !! It needs a huge amount of perseverance, PATIENCE and support of friends / family / GT group and guidance from Adlakha Sir & Seema ma’am. Confidence & self esteem brings in the fluency & vice versa. Till date, i maintain the ROS in my day to day communication. I never speak fast, always moderate / slow !

I would love to share my experiences of the change over.

Thank you Sajiv Sir & Seema maam once again for helping me believe in myself.

Take care.
Best regards,
Rakshit Mehta
Email: rakshit.mehta@e-nxt.com