Rohit Kishore Gupta


Last night i.e. 25th June I was going through my diary and suddenly remembered the entire incident about joining Swar Sudhar Society(Dr.ADLAKHAS SPEECH CLINIC in DELHI,INDIA). So, I thought to share with you, ‘some’ of them have heard this incident a lot of times from my mouth, but I do believe there are ‘some’ left who are still unaware.

For members who don’t know about me, the introduction starts with ” I am Rohit Kishore Gupta” (MAGIC WORDS) . I am currently settled in Melbourne Australia working as a Database Administrator with Synchronized Software. My journey to fluency started on 7th March 2004 when my parents forcefully took me for an appointment with Dr. Adlakha. I was reluctant for the appointment but Mummy forced me to come. The reason being is my past experiences with doctors had always been a nightmare, right from reading a book in front of a mirror or tasting your Mama’s thumb on Wednesday or eating green food on Wednesday or putting some lolly in my mouth while speaking or nani ke badam(GRAND MOM’S Almonds) or speak as if you are singing….Uffff. ..Bhagwaan Bachaaye Aise Doctors se…(GOD SAVE FROM SUCH DOCTORS).The list is never ending…
During the first meeting Sir analyzed my problem and asked me to come from 12th March onwards. I left the clinic and till the time I reached my home, the argument with my Mom was already heated up and it came to an extent where kasame started. Then I agreed that I will go on 12th and if I like it then I will continue, otherwise I will leave. Then the penultimate day arrive 12th March 2004 , I woke up with the same feeling, just one more sitting with an Doctor and then again mummy will start looking for some other. I know that she had already taken one more appointment at Batra Hospital , so just adding few jerks onto my list of doctors. I arrived at the clinic with -ve ATTITUDE. Sir, started with a brief introduction and then I suddenly asked him “DO I have to read books in front of mirror?” This is the question which I asked to all the doctors to whom I have been to and the answer had always been “YES” and in the back of my mind I was sure that he will say “YES” and that would be my last class or final moment with that doctor if they answer yes to these questions. But I was shocked to hear he said “NO”. I replied “What?” Then he replied “No, you don’t have to read books in front of mirror.” This was the turning point and I thought if this doctor is not asking me to read books then he must be different, but I was still not sure… Sir, told me about the therapy and most important thing “A DIARY” and few other tips and then he asked me to come tomorrow i.e. 13th March 2004 it was Saturday and he told me about GT and mentioned to me that he usually don’t ask people to join GT from the very first day but after couple of weeks. So if you want to come then you can come. When I left the clinic, I got a call from my mom and she asked me, how was the first meeting. “Is he good?” I said “Don’t know! He asked me to come tomorrow.” So my mom asked me “Are you going tomorrow or not?”. I was thinking what to say as my mind was saying “NO, NO, NO” and for the first time my heart said…”Toone Itne doctor try kare…isko bhee try kar le…aur waise bhee kuch to alag hain…Mirror ke saamne book padhne ko nahin kaha”.(You have tried so many doctors.. So what try this one also.. He is different.He has not said to read book in front of the mirror.) I told my mom, I will decide during the day and will tell you later. My mom asked me are you going tomorrow or not, I said haven’t decided as yet. I think it’s a miracle that on 13th March I woke and left for the GT. The first GT session was a bit horrifying but it was enough to develop interest in me. Aur phir kya GT ka karvaan chalta chalta…(In this way I attended so many GROUP THERAPYS) But still I don’t know what happened in the first Meeting which forced my steps, my heart to move towards Dr. Adlakha. But before saying thanks to sir, I thank my mom first who actually forced me by her kasme vaade, pyar mohbaat, tactics to attend the first meeting and then Adlakha Sir who changed my direction my personality. ….Now, I am bindaas(CAREFREE) kind of a person… Frankly speaking I did the hard work for first two years, I mean exercises, reading, ROS attending GT regularly and the result was felt by everyone. Now, I am not regular with the exercises but I still read few pages of MY DIARY every single night (I am not bluffing, I have made it as a habit.) On my diary I have also pasted a picture given to me by Adlakha sir, which was my FIRST GROUP THERAPY(GT) AT SWAR SUDHAR SOCIETY. Now, my schedule is such hectic that I am not regular at mails but I will try my best to be regular, because I still remember I used to pinch every member of SSS to write mails and now I am just like them. I want to conclude by saying just doing exercises or writing diaries wont make any effect until you don’t have faith in you and in Adlakha Sir and if you are able to establish faith then don’t worry leave it on Sir. Now, I am following the steps provided by Sir, and at per this point I am not facing any issues with my speech, I am feeling pretty much confident. In meetings, I don’t hesitate to speak as I show confidence which I acquired through my speech. I am planning to come to India by the end of this year or early next year. So hoping to attend quite a lot of G.T.’s.

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