Ankur Singh


Dear friends,

I am writing this mail to let you all know that speech and stammering just does not stop you from doing things as normally as other persons and infact better than them. Few days back I got to see my marksheet for Civil Services (Mains) Examination, 2012. Although I could not come in the final list of recommended candidates but it gives me pleasure to share with you all that I secured 184/300 which is considered to be a very good score (infact I scored more than this year’s topper :P). I was very tensed that how will I fare in the interview. Whether they will judge me on the basis of my speech? But now I can say with conviction that it does not matter whether you stammer or not. What really matters is that how you present yourself, especially your confidence in spite of all odds and your body language. I feel as if speech is no more a barrier and I can achieve anything. It was precisely this feeling which I wanted to share with you all so that it can help us think beyond our imaginations.

I would also like to thank from the core of my heart to Adlakha Sir, Mam and our Swar Sudhar group without whom this would not have been possible. The confidence that you infused in me was really reflected in the UPSC interview room which I was always afraid of.

P.S. I missed the selection only by 1 mark. But there are good chances that I may be in the reserve list for this year and this attempt may lead to some decent job in the hand though it will take some time.

Ankur Singh
Mobile: 09871705272