Sikander Singh


I am Sikander Singh a person who had never thought he would be able to talk fluently. Having been fed up with stammering, suddenly I came across Speech Therapy. That day, I was very happy as I felt
that there is still a hope I could be cured. Even for two years I was not satisfied with the treatment of stammering. At last, the day came on 1st March 2006 when I decided to take speech therapy and met Dr. Adlakha Sir. From the first day, I found a lot of improvement in me. There were some words starting with TR such as tray, tree, which always made me embarrassed whenever I tried to utter them but in few days of my session with Sir, I got control over those words which are now easily being spoken by me. During the first group therapy I met many members who motivated me a lot. That was an unforgettable day for me as that day I openly discussed my stammering with others. I shared a lot of incidents of my life which I had never shared with anyone and not even with my family. I must say I have learnt speaking from our clinic. If had not joined here I would have been spending a miserable life. Since my joining our group, I have been very confident and there has not been any negative attitude towards my speech. The members of our group have been always with me whenever I need their support. Their support and advice always help me to overcome negative attitude. I am very grateful to Dr. Sajiv Adlakha Ji and Dr. Seema Adlakha Ji for making me able to speak fluently. Without their support it would not have been possible.

There is a member in our group who always inspires me. His name is Manoj Pant. He always attend the Group and motivates new members. Seeing him, we feel that we should work very hard so we could achieve the fluency as he has got. We have a live example of Manoj Pant that with hard work and practice, acheiving fluency is a very small thing. We really appreciate him.

I feel very pround being member of Swar Sudhar Society, an organisation which makes us feel special.

With regards,
Sikander Singh