Subhash .C. Malik


It has been more than two decades since I came in association with Sajiv Sir. During therapy days I suggested that we should contact either railway inquiry people or some hospital where we are ready to offer free services for all types of announcements or guiding people in their queries. I was under the firm impression that the hours spent in interacting with people or making announcements will go a long way in improving our speech. Somehow that didn’t click. However in lieu thereof SSS was created with bread pakoda and tea. It was such a morale boosting session. We being the founder members of SSS feel privileged and proud that SSS has proved to be a great success and is lifeline for many persons now.

During my therapy days one day I was asked to take a class to guide new staff about office working. Actually it was a ploy of people jealous of me to embarrass me. I immediately consulted Sajiv Sir and devoted extra time that day in exercises. When I went to take the class a colleague of mine was also tagged with me to ridicule me. However with blessings of Sajiv Sir, his motivations, and my confidence in ROS and eye contact exercises, I was able to take the class with superb confidence. It was a class of more than 200 people, all new recruits and 400 plus eyes were on me. Anybody who has ever been asked to give a lecture or presentation knows how terrifying that moment is. But after taking 2-3 deep breaths I was able to sail through so remarkably that till date I am myself amazed.

Subsequently I did meet Sajiv Sir to personally thank him. The ridicule of office people proved to be a boon in disguise as I have taken many classes now even of delegates comprising senior officers visiting the office. The day I have to take the class I do extra exercises on that day and deliver the lecture maintaining strong eye contacts with my listeners. Nobody can dare take a nap in my class even for a second in my class of one hour plus. Of course I don’t bore them with theories only as I narrate my personal experiences as well to keep the environment light and interesting. All this because of time tested exercises of our Institute.

Long live our SSS and our SAJIV SIR ! God bless our new members.

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